Strategic session
The Buy In Moscow forum will include a strategy session to assess the support measures and identify new issues for exporters with companies in Moscow. Its purpose is to receive a feedback from exporters on the support measures, and to identify areas where companies are not sufficiently supported by the existing tools and new solutions are need. A facilitator will work with each group for more effective discussion. The sessions will be attended by representatives of the Mosprom Center, as well as industry associations and commissions, and business experts.


6 branches of working groups

  • AIC
  • Industry (2 groups)
  • Cosmetics production
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Microelectronics
2 stages of work
  • Gathering of the feedback on the existing support measures
  • Brainstorming, identifying of the uncovered problems of exporters, working out promising areas of support
6 trackers/facilitators

Target audience

Moscow companies from the following industries:
Medical Equipment
In these groups, participants provide the feedback on MOSPROM support measures for their industry, as well as current challenges that can be addressed with new/needed support tools
Moscow companies from the industries:
Industry Group 1
Industry Group 2
In these groups, participants discuss the proposals formed on the basis of the results of past focus groups on current support measures, as well as identify new problem areas which are not yet covered by the support tools