“Promotion on foreign markets” group
How to efficiently promote a brand in foreign markets? How to interact with a new audience and the right marketing channels for communication? How not to spill budgets on promotion and ensure sales? These and many other issues related to marketing and PR in foreign markets will be discussed by participants in the marketing mentor program.

There will be space at the platform of the forum for communication with experts in strategic marketing, marketing communications and PR, providing a range of services to promote brands in foreign markets.

Range of questions: Foreign marketing strategies Foreign PR (work with the media, bloggers, etc.) Digital promotion tools
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(Only Moscow companies are eligible for participation in the mentorship program)
Hiroshi Makino
CEO and founder of SAMI, a Russian-Japanese consulting company
SAMI – JAPAN Consulting company
We, SAMI, see an opportunity for cooperation between Russian IT startups and Japanese companies. We want to contribute to mutual understanding between Russia and Japan by giving IT companies from both countries a new chance.

+7 (965)000-2137

Issues/Topics covered in the Mentorship Program
  • Support and search for partners for Russian technology and IT companies in the Japanese market;
  • Tech Broker;
  • Developing and providing Video-pitch formats to promote technology businesses and the startup industry;
  • Finding solutions for decarbonization in the industrial sector (best cluster practices and tools for transition to a circular economy for sustainable urban development)
Romanenkov Aleksey
Business Development Director at Ingate, an expert in building commercial services and forming product lines.
Digital Marketing Integrator. We integrate marketing, technology and training products

+7 903 628-57-43

Issues/Topics covered in the Mentorship Program
Promoting companies and products on global markets, finding mutually beneficial partnerships abroad, building exports through aggregators and marketplaces, developing marketing strategies and launching digital advertising campaigns to increase profits and traffic growth, developing conversion marketing channels, attracting the target audience online and offline, retaining and returning customers.

Coverage - Russia and the CIS, Eastern and Central Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America.
Prokhorovich Andrey
CEO Eurasia Development
Eurasia Development
The Eurasia Development & Technode Consortium is the first available provider of services and solutions for technology sourcing and transfer, non-commodity exports and investment from China and Southeast Asia.

Facebook: /andrey.prohorovich
+7 999 585 88 22

Issues/Topics covered in the Mentorship Program
  • Launch of Russian companies' products on the PRC market;
  • Scouting of Chinese technologies;
  • Attracting investment in innovative projects;
  • Advisor to the Chairman of the China-Russia Innovation Tech park, Yantai;
  • Providing advice to the Big Four companies, corporations and state organizations of the Russian Federation on working with the PRC;
  • Investor and exclusive partner of TechNode holding in CIS countries
Orlov Artyom
Director of e-commerce at Weconn LLC
Export agency Weconn / Weconn LLC
Organization of exports to Europe and the CIS, electronic trading platforms

+7(812) 200-95-06

Issues/Topics covered in the Mentorship Program
  • Features of work on electronic B2B and B2C platforms/Entrance to export through e-commerce
  • Specifics of entering markets of EU countries/export of Russian products to EU countries
  • How to negotiate with German partners? Specifics of running business in Germany
Lapuk Maria Yurievna
Co-founder of Vinci Agency
Vinci Agency


Issues/Topics covered in the Mentorship Program
  •  International PR
  • Launch of a project in the international markets
  • Cooperation with mass media and opinion leaders